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About Us


The Patmos Retreat centre was established in 2002. It started operating this current centre in September 2010. The centre is located in Akuapem-Akropong, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The retreat centre was created to serve as a prototype of what is popularly known as a "Prayer Camp" should look like. The name of the place originates from Revelation 1:9. Patmos is the island on which the Apostle John was exiled after being tortured and left to die. Instead, he recovered and wrote the book of Revelations. At Patmos, the most important things are: recovery, the Word of God and Testimonies about Jesus Christ. The place is made available to individuals, church groups and para-church organization without charge. The Centre continues its services based on freewill donations.

Mission Statement

Retreat and be delivered to impact the world for Christ.


The Centre is a non-venture and so it operates mainly on donations from partners and benevolent entities. Lodging and Retreat are without charge.

A Typical Day At The Centre

* Dawn prayer session

* Mid-Morning Group Devotion

* Individual Meetings with the Prayer Directors

* Time for Reflection/Siesta

* Evening Group Devotions

* Rest and Grooming Time/Supper

* Vespers


The most valuable contribution our friends and partners can make to the ministry at Patmos Prayer and Retreat Centre (PPRC) is to support us in prayer.

The ministry counts on the tireless support of people just like you. Helping out in our dinning room, aboretum, cleaning and maintenance. Do you have a passion for prayer or care for other areas? Call or come over to help.

Consider supporting the ministry through becoming a monthly Visionary Partner. This will help to keep the centre running in accordance with the Lord's Vision.

Include Patmos Retreat Centre in your will, a gift of stock or property and other "Planned Giving" programs ensure that what you are leaving behind is used to further the kingdom of God.

The inscription on a tombstone or monument in your memory should be among the living not in the cemetary. Build a facility in your memory at Patmos.

Our primary objective is to make people find Jesus Christ and to live their full lives. Your church can support the ministry by placing us on your annual budget.

Help the ministry by donating items needed at Patmos. Some items to consider are food items(cereal, dairy products etc.), detergent, vehicles, beddings, toiletries, paints, electricals etc.

You can sponsor the care for a tree or a seating area, the grass and flower etc. In the prayer Aboretum.

In our nursery you can get seedlings of trees, flowers and herbs with desirable characteristics. Pay more than the actual price and pick some.

There is a donation box with inscription 'BERAKAH' in the prayer room. 'BERAKAH' means God's blessings. Drop a donation and be blessed.